What is is AutoPayPlus?

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What is AutoPayPlus?

AutoPayPlus Changes Lives without Changing Lifestyles. Dealing with monthly loans can be stressful; we make your money work for you. Our team helps our members reach their financial objectives, enabling them to pay off their loans early, build equity faster, and reduce interest. In other words: we help you take control of your payments, without changing your budget.
Established in 2003, AutoPayPlus has managed loan for over 200,000 satisfied customers. We understand that utilizing a third-party service for your loan is a substantial decision to make. Rest assured, we consider the safety of your money our top priority; we use a full range of state-of-the-art internet security measures, including routers and firewalls, cryptography and business processes, to safeguard your money and your personal information.For over 17 years, we have been assisting our members with their loan payments, while providing the best customer experience. Our team works hard to make sure payments are made on time with hundreds of lenders, With these professional relationships, as well as our extensive industry knowledge, we can assure that your principle payment is applied correctly to maximize your benefits.Currently we assist over 60,000 active members across 50 states, with fixed-rate loans ranging from Auto and Home, to Student Loans, RV, Boat, ATV, and more.

How AutoPayPlus Works

AutoPayPlus is an automated payment service that shortens the term of an auto, home, or student loan while reducing interest charges and accelerating equity. Various payment plans are available to coincide when it is convenient for you – by default, we recommend biweekly. Here’s how it works: Standard Loans require one payment every month. Biweekly loan payments divide this payment in half and debit that amount every two weeks from the customer’s bank account. Because there are 52 weeks in a year, you make 26 biweekly payments over the course of a year (the equivalent of 13 monthly payments) with the extra payment(s) applied to the principal.

Flexible Payments On your Schedule

On a monthly basis, the payment amount is typically the same – however, it can be increased (slightly or significantly) based on how quickly you wish to pay o the loan, and what best fits your finances. The extra month’s payment each year can shorten the term of the loan, increase your equity (in home and auto loans), and assist you in being debt-free faster